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Charlsie offers multiple types of services to fit the needs of any family. The different types of services arethat we offer are described below for newborns through 7 years. If you're not sure which service may best fit your goals, please click the “Take a Free Sleep Assessment” button at the top of this page to discuss your needs with Charlsie and she will guide you to the best option for your family.

Let us help you navigate the fourth trimester! Whether it's your first or fourth baby, there are always lots of questions during this stage, so we can help answer those and give you the tools to build a strong sleeping foundation from the beginning.

With options designed for babies 4 months to 7 years, we can provide you with a custom sleep plan tailored to your goals, parenting preferences, and your child's age/developmental stage with 1:1 support from Charlsie to ensure you reach your goals with complete confidence.

Don't need a full sleep coaching package? We offer other options to get help from Charlsie to get your questions answered, whether you're in the thick of sleep training your little one on your own, or you've already sleep trained and have specific questions to troubleshoot, we can help!

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