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What services do you offer?

Most common services are listed on the Services page. If you would like to inquire about a service not listed there, please feel free to Contact Charlsie directly at


Is Charlsie certified in sleep consulting?

Yes! While there is not a requirement for sleep consultants to be certified, Charlsie opted to ensure her clients received the highest quality services and completed her sleep consulting certification in January of 2022. In addition, Charlsie holds her Ph.D. in health psychology and taught college-level courses on sleep, health, and child development. Finally, Charlsie is a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA) and has worked with neurodiverse children, adolescents, and adults and their families to achieve life-changing skills, including better sleep. 


Does my child need to be night weaned if I want to teach them to sleep independently? 

Absolutely not! Your child’s age and feeding needs are considered when creating a customized sleep plan. That being said, Charlsie is able to decrease children’s need to feed to sleep (when baby is not actually hungry) and can help support night weaning when families wish to do so. 


Will my child cry during sleep training?

Unfortunately, there are no methods that can involve no crying. That being said, something it is important for caregivers to realize is that crying is NOT always a bad thing. It is often the ONLY way your baby has to communicate their needs with you (at least until they can talk, and even then, when the feelings are big, it’s hard to find words to express one’s needs). Crying does not mean that you are not being a responsive, loving parent. Crying is a way that a child communicates many needs, and sometimes babies cry when they are learning new things, since learning takes practice and change, and those things aren’t what your baby is used to! That doesn’t mean you don’t want your baby to learn important things, like staying safe from hot stoves or sharp objects (most often, babies and toddlers cry and tantrum from the word, “no!” but you wouldn’t question your parenting abilities if your child cried after you told them “No” for nearly running out into a busy street, would you? The same goes for teaching your child the ever-important skill of being able to fall asleep independently. This is not something that babies are born knowing how to do, and you are making an extremely important and healthy decision when you decide to help them learn how to do so.
There are dozens of methods for learning how to sleep independently (and pretty much all of them work if they are carried out consistently!), each with varying levels of caregiver responsiveness. Charlsie will always discuss any pros/cons to each method and ensure that you feel 100% comfortable and confident in being able to carry out the selected method(s) based on your parenting style and what your child needs. But always remember that crying is NOT a bad thing, and though it is hard to hear, it is always temporary (but the benefits of independent sleep are forever!). 


At what age is it appropriate to begin sleep training? 

It’s never too early to lay foundations for healthy sleep. Charlsie is happy to consult with families who have newborns under 4 months old (just reach out for a Discovery Call to discuss your needs) to learn methods to help your baby be soothed and eventually self-soothe. This process is called sleep shaping and can happen from the day your baby is born. 
However, “sleep training” is typically better for children at least 4 months old since babies often don’t produce melatonin (a sleep hormone) or build more mature sleep processes until at least 3 months of age. Thus, Charlsie does not recommend any sleep training methods for babies under 4 months of age. 
And just in case you have an older child, please note that it is NEVER too late to improve your child’s sleep! Charlsie is always happy to work with toddlers and children who have problems with their sleep! While they may have a longer history of poor sleep habits (that can be more difficult to break), it is even more rewarding to help families finally get the sleep they need (and deserve!) who have been suffering for years without adequate sleep. 


What is your service area?

Charlsie lives just north of Denver, Colorado and is happy to support in-home sleep training needs. However, because her services can be provided 100% virtually, she can service anywhere in the world, and loves helping families from all over. Because Charlsie lives in the Mountain Standard Time zone, she can often help families in different time zones at the prime times they need her support.  


Do you provide group trainings?

Yes! Charlsie’s background in teaching and parent training make this one of her favorite ways to help a lot of families at once. Please inquire directly at for more information! 


How can I become a sleep consultant?

Charlsie loves sharing her experiences with becoming a sleep consultant and would love to help you learn more as well! Please contact Charlsie directly using the Contact page or email her directly at

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