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Mother Holding Baby Finger

Infant and Child Services

If your little one is 4 months or older and your family is experiencing things like:

  • Never-ending bedtimes that consist of bedsharing, rocking, holding, or feeding to sleep (only to have your child wake soon after you get them down)

  • Multiple night wakings, including false starts, split nights, or early morning wakings

  • Your child not napping, or having short naps and being tired all day

  • Not having a predictable, age-appropriate schedule 

and you'd like to have...

  • An enjoyable bedtime routine that gives you and your little one calm, consistency, and connection

  • Longer stretches of nighttime sleep and fewer night wakings

  • Reducing night feeds (if desired)

  • No more early morning wakings

  • A predictable nap routine

  • Longer, consistent naps

...Then our Sweetest Dreams Sleep Program is your solution!

 Sweetest Dreams for Infants
Sleep Program

If your little one is under 2 years old, the Infant program will be appropriate for reaching your family's sleep goals.


If your child is over the age of 2, then the Toddlers and Children program is your best bet to reaching your goals! 

Sweetest Dreams for Toddlers and Children
Sleep Program
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