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About Me

Hi Everyone! My name is Charlsie, and I’m the founder and owner of Quietude Sleep Consulting, LLC.


I have a confession…I LOVE sleep. I know everyone probably feels this way, but I truly mean it. Sleep is like a magic elixir for so many things, especially our mental and physical wellbeing. 

As a health psychologist, I’ve taught college courses about the importance of sleep for our health and wellbeing, and I was always able to practice what I preached to my students by getting a good night’s rest…until I had children. 


Then, my healthy sleep habits were challenged, and this had a huge effect on my ability to be a good wife, mother, and professor. I found myself bedsharing throughout most of the night since I exclusively breastfed both of my children and thought that was going to get everyone the most sleep. However, I eventually found that this wasn't working for our family anymore, and left me feeling like a shell of myself without getting adequate rest, my marriage was suffering, and neither of my children got the rest they needed, so my husband and I knew something had to change to get our family back on track.

How I Became a Sleep Coach

Luckily, another thing I love is to do research. So, this passion came in very handy when I was trying to figure out what the best ways to get my family’s sleep habits on track and in a way that would help maintain a secure attachment with my children. I read so many books, social media posts, and expert recommendations (in addition to talking to my pediatrician, of course), often during the times I could have been sleeping. I’m happy to report that my long nights paid off and I figured out what worked best for my kiddos, who are now amazing independent sleepers. Perhaps not all that surprising, what worked for my daughter wasn’t what worked for my son.

Their individual differences really informed my approach to helping families establish their sleep plans, as sleep is not a “one-size-fits-all” phenomenon and a sleep plan shouldn’t be either. So, I spend a lot of time getting to know what your family’s sleep goals are and what is most important to you to inform the sleep plan I write. Then, I get the family’s feedback and make any changes so that they feel 100% ready to begin when they’re ready.

Charlsie and her two children

After my family relocated to beautiful Colorado in 2019, I became a behavior analyst, helping children with special needs to learn new skills. I found that many of the children and families I worked with were suffering from poor sleep, which often led to a lot of the maladaptive behaviors they contacted me to help their child with.


There is ample evidence to support the use of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to help with sleep problems, and I took it upon myself to pursue continuing education on sleep as much as possible (quietude is a behavior, after all). I completed my certification through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management, which gave me the ability to utilize evidence-based methods to help families find healthy and safe sleep for their little ones with confidence. 

On a more personal note, I’ve been married to my husband for 9 years (and 22 years since we began dating), and we have two beautiful children – our daughter who is y years old and our son who is 4 years old. We enjoy exploring nature in the beautiful outdoors scoping out playgrounds, hiking, and biking as a family.

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