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Everything you need for the fourth trimester to ensure you and your baby get the sleep you need! This includes the Newborn Sleep Guide, which will give information about understanding newborn wake windows, setting up good daytime and nighttime routines, techniques to help soothe your baby, and beyond! This guide includes over 30 pages that are jam-packed with all the info you'll need to set your baby up for sleep success and how to begin moving them toward independent sleep by the time they are four months old. 


In addition to the guide, you will also be able to schedule a 30-minute "Ask Charlsie Anything" call to ensure you don't have any questions or concerns about the newborn stage, and Charlsie will provide a Safe Sleep Environment Check to make sure your baby's sleep environment is safe and ready for them to learn their safe sleep habits right from the start! 

Newborn Sleep Consulting Package

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