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Infant Sleep Training Program

Designed for infants 4 - 12 months old

In this three-part course taught by a Health Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, caregivers will learn everything they need to know about infant sleep to help their little one get the sleep they need for their optimal development.

Part one of the course will cover the research demonstrating the importance of sleep for babies and then go over what is meant by the term sleep “training” (and a lot of outdated myths that circulate about this topic).


Part two covers the all-important information on setting up a safe sleep environment and the top 10 tips for preparing to sleep train so that everyone is set up for success.


Finally, part three will go over the most common sleep training methods (and some common ways to modify them), from how to implement each method, to when they are most ideal and less ideal, so that caregivers can determine what will work best for their family.  

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