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Welcome to Quietude

Quietude (/ˈkwīəˌt(y)o͞od/): a state of stillness, calmness, and quiet in a person or place

If you’re dreaming of restful days and nights for your family, but aren’t quite sure how to get there, then you’ve come to the right place!

Charlsie is a certified sleep consultant who specializes in helping families with newborns to 10 years to get safe, healthy, and independent sleep. 

Our Philosophy

Sleep is one of the most important things we can give our children (and ourselves as parents!), but like many things in life, independent sleep habits must be learned. Sleep affects our mental, emotional, and physical health on an individual and family level, so it’s important to ensure we are meeting our sleep needs each and every night. 

Having a healthy routine throughout the day and for bedtime creates a sense of security for babies and children, and it doesn’t take long to create a routine that works for your family and start experiencing the many benefits it can bring. Using her extensive training in safe sleep practices, behavior analysis, and health psychology, Charlsie will ensure YOUR sleep goals and parenting values are at the forefront when she creates a safe, comprehensive, and fully customized sleep plan for your little one(s). Then, she will ensure you feel 100% ready to implement the sleep plan before you get started while providing virtual coaching and support throughout the entire process to ensure your success. 

Charlsie can help families with newborns through age 7 achieve better sleep. While formal sleep training is not recommended until at least 4 months, Charlsie can help families with newborns to find a healthy routine that works for their family and establish a healthy sleeep foundation. For babies that are 4 months and over, the overall goal Charlsie helps families reach is for their child to be able to fall asleep on their own at naps, bedtime, and during middle-of-the-night awakenings. This does not mean that your child will be expected to “cry it out”  or that you must night wean in order for sleep training to be effective. There are many methods for coaching children into independent sleep, and Charlsie will ensure the options she proposes for your child(ren)’s sleep plan align with your family’s wishes. If your child is no longer in a crib and you are struggling to help them stay in their bed and get the rest they need, Charlsie can help families with finding the right method and use age-appropriate strategies to teach families about boundaries for bedtime and help them stay consistent to reach their sleep goals. While all of Charlsie's recommendations are based on safe sleep research and evidence-based methods, she will never recommend something that your family would not be comfortable implementing (and does not use cry-it-out or extinction method in her sleep plans). Families need to feel comfortable and confident in order to be able to be consistent to teach their little one a new skill of independent sleep, so you'll never feel pressured to do something you wouldn't want to do. Charlsie is also available to help you with modifying and troubleshooting as much as needed along the way during to ensure you always know you're doing what's right for your little one, even after your consultation period with Charlsie comes to an end. 

  • Short/non-existent naps

  • Never-ending bedtimes

  • Frequent night wakings

  • Early morning wakings

  • Baby treating bedtime like a nap (false starts)

  • Baby partying in the middle of the night (split nights)

  • Sharing a sleeping surface with baby

  • An age-appropriate number and length of naps

  • Relaxing, fun bedtimes for the whole family

  • An age-appropriate number of night wakings

  • Little ones sleeping until desired wake time

  • Babies having an appropriate schedule with no false starts or split nights in a safe sleep space

Instead of spending long hours (and lots of money) trying to sift through conflicting information about methods and products to get more sleep for everyone in your household, why not let someone with expertise in safe and evidence-based sleep methods for infants and toddlers support you each step of the way? 

Keep reading below to learn more about our approach to sleep consulting and see what others are saying after working with Charlsie, or you can speak with Charlsie directly by booking a free sleep assessment call! 

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Our Services

Newborn Baby
Sleep Services

Let us help you navigate the fourth trimester! Whether it's your first or fourth baby, there are always lots of questions during this stage, so we can help answer those and give you the tools to build a strong sleeping foundation from the beginning.

Infant and Child Sleep Coaching Services

Designed for babies 4 months to 7 years, we can provide you with a custom sleep plan tailored to your goals, parenting preferences, and your child's age/developmental stage with 1:1 support from Charlsie to ensure you reach your goals with complete confidence.

Other Consultation Options

Don't need a full sleep coaching package? We offer other options to get help from Charlsie to get your questions answered, whether you're in the thick of sleep training your little one on your own, or you've already sleep trained and have specific questions to troubleshoot, we can help!


"Our daughter can now sleep through the night, is getting better naps, and is calming herself back to sleep without cries or needing to be held. Everyone, including mom and dad are happy to have the gift of sleep!" 
Brian and Christina, parents of 7-month old Avery
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